Use Of High-Grade Materials

The Grade of honey: 

The higher the concentration of methylglyoxal, the more antibacterial the manuka honey is. There is a ratings scale known as the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) which measures the potency of the methylglyoxal and how antibacterial the honey is high-grade manuka honey which is sourced from New Zealand and found in all of our skincare products!

  • all of our soap range is made using an oatmeal and Shea butter soap base making our soaps suitable for any skin type. 
  • Did you know they’re using Manuka honey in the dermatology department’s in hospitals to aid the healing process?? This really is as good for you on the outside as it is on the inside! We wanted to produce a product that wasn’t full of chemicals, was beautifully scented, but also genuinely fantastic for your skin, so we combined the high grade honey with a beautiful oatmeal and Shea butter soap base and created our beautiful soap products with that. Kind, honest skincare”, always being priority!

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